Plant Study Canvas Volume One // FREE SHIPPING

Our plant study volume canvases have been a favorite for quite some time! They make such a great addition to your home to add in a fresh feel without having to actually have live plants! 


Size: 13x19" unframed; about 14"x20" framed (not including hanging length)

Canvas: the canvas is high quality and the design is printed directly onto the canvas and sealed for protection and durability 

Wood: Wood is used to frame out the top and bottom of the canvas and is stained a dark walnut color

Suede Lace: the brown hanging cord is a chocolate suede lace. 


We ship our canvases flat as to ensure that it is ready to hang when it arrives to you! When the canvas is rolled or creased it can take a while (7-10 days) for those creases to come out and the canvas to lay flat again. Our recommendation is to keep the canvas in a hanging position and when you are wanting to switch it out, put it on a hanger in a closet to store. 

// ADD - ON //

To complete the look, we recommend pairing our canvases with out decorative tacks. They make a minimal size hole in your wall, can be pushed into sheetrock using a hammer, and give the hanging canvas a finished look. 

The decorative tack is an aged gold color that is neutral enough to add into your decor!