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Best Day Ever - Tabletop Frame

This "best day ever" tabletop frame would be the perfect present to represent any special day or occasion.

S I Z E // This frame measures about 8"x8" overall and holds a 4"x4" square photo. This frame is able to stand on it's own and is the perfect size to sit on a desk, shelf or table. It also is able to be hung on a wall as well from the ledge of the framing.


This frame, as with all of our frames, is {literally} made by hand. Each piece of wood is hand picked by us, hand cut, sanded, and stained. Once the entire frame (front & back) is stained, it is then hand painted. The trim is then cut, painted, and adhered to the top of the frame. Finally, the glass, backer board, flexible framer points, and hanging hardware is attached. We choose to use plexiglass in our frames due to it being stronger than regular glass, easy to clean, and its clarity. The flexible framer points also make it super easy for you to change out your pictures. We then seal the frame to make sure it will last for years to come. 

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H O W   T O   C A R E   F O R   Y O U R   F R A M E S:

While your frames are of very high quality, in order to ensure they last for years to come, there are some precautions you may take. We recommend using warm water and a lint free cloth to clean the plexiglass used in your frame. Using regular rags or traditional house hold cleaners may scratch the glass. While we do seal our frames, they are not designed for prolonged use outdoors or in areas of high moisture. 

S H I P P I N G  +  R E T U R N S:

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