Traditional Frames

Q) Are the frames good quality?

A) We definitely like to think so! The wood used for our frames is high quality pine and/or poplar wood. Each piece of wood is hand picked by us, hand cut, sanded, stained, and held together with both glue and screws (it's definitely not fragile.) Once the entire frame (front & back) is stained, it is then hand painted. The trim is then cut, painted, and adhered to the top of the frame. Finally, the glass, backer board, flexible framer points, and hanging hardware is attached. We choose to use plexiglass in our frames due to it being stronger than regular glass, easy to clean, and its clarity. The flexible framer points also make it super easy for you to change out your pictures. We then seal the frame to make sure it will last for years to come. The final (and most satisfying step) is putting our logo stamp on the back before we pack it up and send it out to you!

Please Note - while we do seal our frames for protection, we do not protect them for prolonged outdoor use. 

Q) Is it easy for me to change the picture?

A) Yes. We use flexible framer points in the back of our frames to hold the glass and backer board in place. Just as the name suggests, the points are flexible and makes it easy for you to change pictures as frequently as you please!

 Q) Do you offer multi-frame discounts?

A) Not generally. However, if you purchase a pre-made gallery wall or purchase a large custom order a discount will be applied to the price. 


Floral Frames

Q) Can we request custom colors for flowers?

A) Yes! While we don't have as much flexibility with felt colors as we do with paint colors, we definitely want to find something that goes with your decor as much as possible!